How to download Signal app /

By | February 14, 2021

How to download Signal app /

How to download Signal app / Signal is a popular messaging app similar to WhatsApp, which is designed for devices based on Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Linux and Mac operating systems.

With the help of this app, you can send text messages, images, videos etc. to your friend and relative. Apart from this, you can also use this app for voice calls and video calls.

I think you must have got an idea of ​​what a signal app is and what its function is.

Recently, as soon as it was reported that WhatsApp has made some changes in its privacy policy, since then the demand for using its alternative among people is also increasing.

It has spread very fast through news channels and also on social media that using WhatsApp means that we have to accept its privacy policy.

Under which the messages and things we send will also be monitored, apart from this, WhatsApp can share these data with others as well?

But very few people are aware of the truth about these things.

Actually, Facebook is already doing this work, but people do not mean anything at all. Whereas people spend a lot of time on Facebook.

Ever since Facebook bought WhatsApp, it had given an assurance that we will not show ads on WhatsApp, but seeing this change, people are also thinking that maybe after a while WhatsApp Will be monitored.

There are a lot of questions in the minds of people among so many confusions, which you will know through this article, you will understand whether the signal app and its use is beneficial for us or not.

If you want to know how safe your privacy will be by using the Signal app, then read this post till the end.

So let’s understand in detail about it.

Signal app information

Signal is a messaging app like Telegram on other messaging apps like WhatsApp, which works on many types of devices, for example, you can use this application in Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, etc.

A messaging app has various types of features like you can use it to share photos, video text messages etc. which are also provided with the signal app.

Like Telegram and WhatsApp, you can talk on it in voice calling and video call too.

Recently, the group video calling feature has also been added in this application, in which you can join up to 50 people in video calling simultaneously.

Who created the Signal app?

If you have read about the history of WhatsApp then you will also know which people were behind making it behind it.

One of the people who developed WhatsApp was Brian Acton and he started developing the Signal Messenger app in association with Marlinspike.

Talking about the official, this application has been developed by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger. This company operates as a non-profit company.

Brian Acton left WhatsApp in 2017 and invested about $ 50 million in developing the signal.

How is the signal app different from whatsapp?

If seen, today the signal is one of the most secure applications in the world.

This is a very secure app in which privacy has been given full attention, the user using it can be absolutely sure that its data cannot be shared with anyone.

This purpose has been used to create this application that special attention will be given to the privacy of the people and there will be no change in it, user data will not be shared at all.

Personal data is never asked from the user through this application, who can now see what he is doing on WhatsApp.

Another important thing is that WhatsApp stores your chatting on an online storage such as cloud etc. which is prone to data leaks.

But no chat backup is kept on cloud storage through the signal app.

This data remains stored in your phone.

One of the most special thing in this application is that it has a feature called Data Linked to You, through which you will get the benefit that if you want to take a screenshot of your chat messages, you will not be able to take it.

Your old chat messages will be deleted automatically.

If a person forms a group, then like WhatsApp, he cannot join you in that group.

You will join it only when invoice is sent to you and you will accept it.

Another great feature in this is that when you call someone, it is done by the server of the signal app which works through Relay Calls.

In this way, your IP address will not go to anyone, nor will they be able to find you.

This is the reason that due to the new privacy policy by WhatsApp, the trend of people is moving towards the signal app.

Signal app features

Let’s go one by one now, with the help of which you can use this application well, instead of how much it is right for you to use it.

Group Link or QR-code

In the signal app, you can generate a group link to join the people in your group and then share with them.

Apart from this, now you can invite people to join your group using qr-code.

Delete for everyone

There are many messages which go away accidentally even if you don’t want to, then you can use a feature in such a situation which has been recently added with the Signal app.

The name of this feature is delete for everyone, with the help of which you can delete the message written for yourself and also for the person who sent it.

You can use this picture right now in this version and we are giving you the names of the devices below.

  • Signal Android v4.73 and above
  • Signal Desktop v1.37.1 and above
  • Signal iOS v3.19 and above

Storage Management

Whatever message you do in this application, you can delete it on your own device.

In WhatsApp, if you want, you can store all your chats in Google Drive.

But instead of cloud storage, all the messages you have are installed in your device, which you can delete yourself if you want.

Apart from this, the messages are automatically deleted in a few days.

With the help of this feature, you can store your charts and media files for as many days as you want and you can also delete them and you can also set the number of winning messages you want to store.

View-once Media

There is a great feature that lets you send any photos and videos through the signaling app used in your Android, which are deleted once they are sent after being viewed.

Set and manage disappearing messages

This is also a great feature that is given by the signal app, with the help of this you can create a message that can be read only till the time is set.

This message disappears as soon as its time is up

Link Previews

Many times we also share the link during our chat, which only shows like a link.

But with the help of this feature, if you want, whatever content is inside it, it also shows it as a preview.

With the help of this option, you can either turn it on or off.

Screen Security

If you want, you can stop the preview of the message coming in your signal while using another app.

This option is a different feature from the screen lock of the mobile, in which you are prevented from using the application itself.

When you enable this option, whenever there is any importance on your signal application, then a blue screen comes with the signal logo.

Apart from this, screenshots of fashionable chats cannot be taken in smart phones with Android operating systems.

Signal PIN

Whenever you change your handset or your mobile is lost, you can use the signal pin to bring back your profile.

If you change your number also, when someone registers on the signal from this number, then this PIN will be needed only then your profile can be opened from that number.

Otherwise your profile will not link to that number

Backup and Restore Messages

This application stores your shared message, photo files etc. not on cloud storage but on your phone itself

Screen lock

Now you can lock your signal ID with the PIN code pattern lock or biometric lock of the phone.

How to download Signal app?

Now you can download and install your Android mobile phone by going to the Google Play Store and follow our mentioned steps step by step to understand this process.

  1. Open google play store
  2. Go to the search bar and type the signal
  3. Where you will see signal private messenger, you have to click on the install in it.
  4. Your application will start downloading
  5. After that a score has to be installed on you.
  6. After installing, open this application, here you will be asked a mobile number, after which your number will be verified.
  7. After this, you have to create your PIN so that it will be easy to verify your profile anytime through that day.

Your account will be ready for chatting.

The conclusion

Ever since the new privacy policy of WhatsApp has been updated, there has been confusion among people as to whether to use it or not.

Is there any better application than WhatsApp? People are also searching for this.

That is why through this article, we gave you information like WhatsApp but even more secure application and told that What is Signal App and how to download it.

Through this article, we also told you about the features of the signal app.

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