Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges In India

By | February 14, 2021

If you want to trade crypto currency in India but you do not know how to trade crypto currency in India Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India Which are So this post is for you because today in this post we Top 5 cryptocurrency exchange in india in hindi Going to detail

Then you can choose one of the best crypto currency exchanges for yourself from these top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges and start trading in crypto currency by creating an account on it.

When choosing a Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges, you have to take many things into consideration such as Trading charges, Deposit fee, Withdrawal fee, Cryptocurrency pair ie BTC / INR, XRP / BTC, XRP / USDT, XRP / BNB, XRP / INR and how many Crypto currency coin is available on the exchange you can buy / sell and trade.

So let’s now come directly to the topic and know which are the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges in India

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Top 5 Cryptocurrency exchanges in India in hindi

Top 5 Cryptocurrency exchanges in india in hindi

The Reserve Bank had banned the business of crypto currency in India, which was removed by the Supreme Court in March 2020, so now you can rest assured that you can buy and sell crypto currency in India.

If you want to trade in crypto currency in India then here is the list of Top 5 Cryptocurrency exchanges in India for you

# 1 Zebpay

Zebpay The interface is very attractive in which it is very simple and easy to trade, it has 1M + Active user of its Mobile Version Apps on Google Play Store.

To create an account on Zebpay, download the “Zebpay Bitcoin and Crypto Currency exchange” App from the Google play store to sign up a Gmail and Mobile No. It is sought and KYC has to upload the photo of Aadhaar card and PAN card

Then OTP arrives on your gmail and mobile number which you enter and when your KYC and Bank acocount is verified then you can trade in your favorite crypto currency on Zebpay.

Zebpay portfolio and trading interface

In Zebpay you can trade in 23 Crypto currency coins and its Portfolio & trading platform Interface looks like this.

Top 5 cryptocurrency exchange in India in hindi

Zebpay fee structure

In Zebpay, when you buy and sell a crypto currency coin, you have to pay some fees from which Zebpay earns Zebpay ka fee structure is as follows

Maker fee

When you place an order and it is not completed immediately, it takes some time, then you have a maker fee charge which is 0.15%.

Taker fee

When you place an order to buy a coin on Zebpay and it is immediately excuted, you get a Taker fee charge which is 0.25%.

Intraday fee

When you buy a coin on Zebpay and sell it on the same day, it is called Intraday trading and for this you have an intraday fee charge which is 0.1%.

Deposit and Withdrawal fee

When you deposit rupees from your bank account in zebpay and transfer rupees from zebpay to your bank account, then charges 10 rupees as deposit and withdrawal fee.

# 2 Coinswitch

Coinswitch One of the best Crypto Currency Exchanges in India that supports almost all countries as well as India. Coinswitch 300+ Cryptocurrencies and 45000 trading pairs Support Does

Creating an account on Coinswitch is very easy, with the help of a Gmail and mobile number, you can create an account and start trading in just 5 minutes.

Coinswitch top gainer and top losers Coins also show in its interface which makes it easy for you to choose Coin for trading. One of the Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Interface of Coinswitch looks like this

Top 5 Cryptocurrency exchanges in india in hindi

# 3 WazirX

Wazirx is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange of India, which has launched its own Coin called WRX which can produce a maximum of 1 Billion quantity.

Wazirx also has a partnership with Binance, from which you can link your Wazirx Account with Binance and Binance An All over the world Cryptocurrency exchange Can trade in

The main features of Wazirx are that which I like very much

  • Highly safe
  • Instant transaction
  • Good customer support
  • Link to other trading platforms

# 4 Uncoin

Uncoin is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India which also provides an OTC (Over the Counter) facility to you mutual fund Like, you can trade SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and Bulk in crypto currency and on a fixed date of the month you decide, a certain amount of money is automatically deducted from your bank account and at the market price, as many coins as your account. Get deposited in

The main features of Uncoin are as follows

  • OTC and SIP Facility
  • Reliable exchange
  • Transaction in INR Rupees
  • Better Customer Support


# 5 CoinDcx

Coindcx is a simple and secure crypto currency exchange that allows you to trade in 200+ coins. It is very beneficial for users in India who trade in bitcoin and crypto currency with rupees and trading fees are also very low approx. Is 0.1%

The best features of Coindcx that entice users

  • Simple, fast and secure
  • Can trade in 200+ coins
  • Trading fees is around 0.1%
  • Can trade with INR
  • Have good customer support


If you are from India and want to trade in crypto currency but you do not know that Best Cryptocurrency exchanges in India Which are and you are in dilemma on which crypto currency exchange to create an account

So to overcome your dilemma, we have explained in this article about the Top 5 Cryptocurrency exchanges in India, out of which you can choose a best crypto currency exchange and then buy / sell bitcoins by creating an account in it. And start trading in any crypto currency

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