Readymade clothing shop business 2021

By | February 18, 2021

Readymade clothing shop business 2021

Readymade clothing shop business 2021 Readymade garments shop is a very fast growing business in India today. In this trade, there is a lot of profit opportunity for the trader because of the high profit margins in the clothes. Cloth is one of our basic needs ‘Roti kapada aur makaan’, so its business has been very successful not only in India but also in other countries because the need of cloth, as I said earlier, is for every human being. All the people, poor or rich, buy clothes according to their budget.

Looking at the demand of clothes in this way, you can start this business and earn a lot of profit. In this post today, I am going to give you complete information about ‘How to open Readymade garments shop’ which you can read and start your business easily.

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How to start a garment shop in India

The textile industry has contributed to the country’s economy since ancient times, growing at a growth rate of about 30%, the textile industry accounts for 13% of the total industrial exports of the country. In this way, the textile industry remains the source of employment for a total of 105 million people. Apart from this, India is a country of festivals, people of different religions and castes live here, whose dress is also completely different.

Therefore, the demand for clothes increases here at a time when there is a festival or party in the house, then people do more shopping. Apart from this, the demand for clothes is also decided according to the season, as the demand for cotton clothes increases during the summer season, while the purchase of woollen clothes is seen in the cold season. If seen in this way, the demand for clothes is never going to decrease, its demand will always remain like this. In such a situation, opening a Readymade garments shop will not be a loss deal.

Area selection

The business of garment shops should be opened in an area where there is more congestion, such as at a busy intersection, in the middle market, so that more customers can come to your shops and you can get more sales or around a railway station or bus station We should open our shops, where most of the people keep coming, all these places have more chances of selling. Also, there should be enough space in your garment shops, which should have a store room in addition to the showroom to keep a stock of clothes, it would be better if your shops are on the main road.

Readymade garments shop business plan

If you are planning a clothing business plan then it is very important to think about it in advance so that you do not have to regret later like where to bring the goods, which items to keep, only readymade clothes or unstitched clothes , How much profit margin will be there, to get an answer to all these questions, you should do a market survey once only then step into this business.

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License for Readymade clothing shop

To run any business on a large scale, it is necessary to complete certain statutory procedures so that there is no hindrance in your business going forward. The first license that is required is the GST registration which has been made mandatory by the Government of India for all businessmen. Apart from this, it is very important to get a local trade license for the business of readymade garments, which is issued by the local municipality. Apart from this, if your business is running on a large scale, then you also have to take a TIN number.

Investment for Readymade garments shop business

Readymade garments business is a business that you can easily One to one and a half lakh rupees You can start by applying. Once your shop runs well, you can increase your business by adding more capital. Four-five lakh rupees will be required only at the beginning of not necessary.

Items and Variety

Readymade clothing shop
Readymade clothing shop

The selling and earning of Readymade garments business depends on what kind of clothes are available in your shops. The more types of items you keep, the more customers will come to your shops. The first thing for this business is that you have to do what kind of clothes you want to sell in your store. There are many types of variety of clothes available in the market, apart from this, it is also decided that for whom you want to sell clothes in your store for children, youth, boys, girls and women. You can keep the following variety of clothes in your shops-

  • Kids Wear – You can keep all the necessary clothes for small children to wear in your garment shops.
  • Men’s Wear You will need to keep all the clothing that men wear in their garments shops such as jeans pants, shirts, coats, T-shirts, trousers, under garments, etc.
  • Ladies Wear- You must keep clothes for women to wear in your garment shops like saree, lehenga, chunri, salwar suit, kurti, leggie, frock, top etc. as women buy more clothes than men.
  • Winter clothes Garments shops are a business in which you have to change your stock with the changing of seasons, as the winter season starts, the demand for woolen and warm clothes increases. In this month, you can put a sweater, jacket, woollen inner, woollen cap, blazer and woollen sheet in your shop and sell it.
  • Summer clothes At the same time, when the summer season comes, people like to wear loose-fitting clothes in which the heat becomes less, so you should keep clothes in mind of the summer season.

Where to get the goods?

To earn more profit in the Garments Shop business, you should always take the goods from a big wholesaler. So that you can get clothes at the lowest rate, you can buy goods by visiting cities famous for textile industry such as Gandhinagar of Delhi, Surat of Gujarat famous for sarees, Bhilwara of Rajasthan famous for pants. In all these places, clothes will be available at a very cheap rate, from which you can earn good profits.

Ways to increase selling

To increase the sales of your garment shop, you can adopt the following methods –

  • To increase the selling of your garment shops, you can also offer a ‘special discount sale offer’ on special occasions such as Diwali, Navratri, New Year, Holi, etc. in between, you can keep the rate slightly lower than before. Due to which you will get a little less profit margin per fabric, but gross profit will be higher due to higher sales.
  • The clothing business is a business where new fashion comes from time to time. So never keep too many clothes in stock and keep bringing new new design clothes.
  • You can also give two in one, one free with five purchases, or some other similar offer, which increases your sales substantially.
  • Always treat the customer well Your behavior has a positive effect on the customer. If he goes after you satisfied then he will come to your shop next time too.
  • On the occasion of a special fair, festival, etc., you can increase the sales of your garments to a great extent by setting up a stall of your garment shops and giving customers a discount rate.
  • If you have a lot of stock of garments then you can shop online Flipkart And Amazon Can also tie up with.
  • You can get a garment shop banner installed at every place, so that more and more customers will know about your shop.
Readymade clothing shop
Readymade garments business

Risk Factor in Garments Business

As there are some negative points in every business, the following problems keep appearing in this business, which is very important to be diagnosed-

  1. The business of ready made garments in India is also very risky as there is a stock change twice a year, one in cold and the other in summer. Therefore, the shopkeeper has to take special care that the goods of the cold are sold in the cold and the goods of the summer are sold in the summer itself or else damage may occur.
  2. There is a fashion phase in the garments, which is in the fashion trend, it is sold more, so you have to keep the clothes according to the choice of the time in your garments shops, otherwise the clothes of the old model are simply kept.
  3. Due to the need during the season, your garments are sold at a good price, but charging more than other competitors in the market can prove to be wrong for your business and your customers may be attracted to the other side. Therefore, this should be kept in mind while making your price list and must be informed about the price of other garment shops.

Profit in garments business

The profit margins in the garments business are very high because the clothes are sold at twice the cost, in this business, even if you keep a reasonable price, you will easily earn around 30 to 40 thousand rupees in a month. If you work harder and find new ways of selling, you can increase your sales, then this amount can be doubled.

The conclusion

Friends, in the end, I want to say that if you have a longing to do something and have patience and are loyal to your work, then you can definitely succeed. Readymade clothing shop Start the business because all the successful people in the garments business were not like this from the beginning, they also started with a small capital like this.

I hope that you have got all the information in this post, if you want to ask us something, then you can ask us to comment and share it to your friends and relatives as well. will keep bringing ideas thanks.


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