10 ways to know how to earn money online

By | February 19, 2021

10 ways to know how to earn money online

10 ways to know how to earn money online  In the present time everyone wants to know that online paise kaise kamaye The But there is also the question in everyone’s mind that, how should he earn maximum money.

If you are also one of them. Then you read this article completely. Because I have told about 10 such methods in this article. Through which you can earn a lot of money online.

But to earn money online you have a computer And Internet connection It is very important to be

How to earn money online

Before making money online, I want to tell you one thing. All people make money by working online. All those people make a lot of money using these methods.

Therefore, I am also going to tell you about those 10 methods. Because I also want you to earn a lot of money by working online like me. Let’s know about those 10 methods one by one.

1. Earn money by becoming an Influencer

Earn money by becoming an influencer


Before I become an Influencer, I want to let you know. Influencer What happensThe Let me explain you with an example. So that you understand well.

for example, You are a knowledgeable person (i.e knowledgeable person). And you put your knowledge on any social media, Such as, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.

If you have too many fan followers on any of these social media. Then you will be called influencer. If I tell you in easy language (if you have a lot of people following you on any social media. Then you will be called Social Influencer). That is, you are a brand.But you will have followers. They should not be all followers Fake, rather they should be all followers real.

By now you must have known that, who is called Influencer. Now it comes, how the Influencer will make money?

I will also give you an answer to this question Examples Let me explain through for example, If you would have millions of people following on Instagram. Then you will automatically start getting email’s and messages. It is written in those emails’s and messages that you promote our product on your Instagram.

Here it comes now that, how much money you will get for promoting a product? So the answer to this question is very simple. The more followers you have, the more you will get money.

2. Earn money by freelancing


Everyone wants to earn money sitting at home. But to earn money sitting at home, you must have some knowledge or the other, only then you can earn money sitting at home. To earn money sitting at home, you can do the work of freelancing. Before doing freelancing work, I will tell you what freelancing is?

I assume that you are a website developer. And your clients live abroad and you only do the work of those clients sitting at home, then this is called Freelancing.

If you want to do similar work then you will have to create an account on Fiverr, Freelancing.in and upwork.com. After creating an account, you have to make a gig about your knowledge. After that you will automatically start coming to Orders.

Whatever order you get, you can complete that order by sitting in your house. When you complete that order, then the money of that order will be transferred to your account.

3. Earn money by teaching online

Earn money by teaching online

If you have the knowledge of teaching, then you can teach students online through that knowledge. You must go to tutor.com to read the students. After visiting Tutor.com, you only have to complete these 5 steps.

tutor 5 Steps

When you complete these 5 steps, after that you can teach students from anywhere. I think this is a very good opportunity for you. Because you must have seen that when Lockdown happened, then a lot of people were fired from their jobs.

But the teachers who were teaching online did not face any problem but they had to teach more students due to lockdown, due to which their salary was increased. So if you think I can teach, then you must follow those five steps to start your online teaching.

4. Earn money by creating websites

Earn money by creating websites

If I talk about lockdown, in that lockdown many people came online to run their business. But those businessmen who came towards online had to first create their website.

But the web developer to build the website before lockdown Rs. Used to take 5000 He has Rs. Started taking 10,000 instead of 5000. Now think to yourself how much money web developers will make?

If you also want to earn money like those web developers, then you will have to do a web development course somewhere. But if you are my reader, then I have found a premium course for you for free.

To see this web developing course for free, you have to click on the link below.

When you click on this link, then you will get this course for free on Udemy.

5. Earn money by creating Android Apps

Make money by making android apps

In the present time everyone has an Android phone and everyone walks through the phone by downloading their choice. If you also use these apps, then a question must have come in your mind that these apps make angles? So I have a simple answer to this question. These apps are made by people like you and me.

If you also want to make Android apps, then you have to do a course for that. But to do Android development course, you have to pay very sari fees. But if you are my reader, then I have found an Android course for you. To do this course, you have to click on the link given below.

When you complete this course, then you can make money by creating any Android App in two ways. First of all, you can earn money by making apps of others and in addition you can also earn money by monetizing your app.

Also fall

6. Make money by blogging


If you also want to earn money online like me, then you have to blogging like me. To blogging you will need a domain and a hosting. When you buy these two things, after that you will have to write articles like me. But do not copy paste articles from any blog.

When you write articles yourself, then they will be ranked in Google. After being ranked you will have to apply for AdSense. When you get AdSense approval on your blog. After that, advertisements will start appearing on your blog and all the people who see your ad will get money accordingly. Apart from advertising, you can also earn money through affiliate marketing.

7. Earn money by creating YouTube channel


Many of us use YouTube to watch our favorite videos. But do you know The videos you and I watch. To see those videos, the owner gets paid, who must have put those videos on YouTube.

If you also like making videos, then you can earn a lot of money. Like the rest of youtubers earn. To earn money on YouTube, you must first create your channel. After creating the channel, you will have to upload your videos on that channel. When anyone will watch your videos, then you will get money.

But before you make money from youtube How to earn money from youtube Must read the article. So that you get the right knowledge about YouTube.

8. Make money by affiliate marketing

Make Money By Affiliate Marketing

You must have seen many times that if we have to take mobile or some other product online or offline. So we see the first review of that product. To know about that product, we search on Google, then there we find many websites which have written reviews about that product.

But you must have noticed one thing at some time or other on those websites. When we have a complete review of that product, then a link to that product is given at the last of the review. If you buy that product from that link, then that person will get the commission whose website it will be.

If you also want to do all this process then you Amazon or Flipkart Can join the affiliate program of

9. Earn money by creating eBooks

Earn money by selling eBook

If you have knowledge of anything, then you can earn money by selling that knowledge in an ebook to people. But it is difficult to do this process as much as it is easy to hear. Therefore, first of all, you have to make your ebook. To create an ebook, you How to create an eBook Can read the article.

When you make your eBook, then after that it comes that how will you make money from your eBook? To make money from your eBook, you need how to make money with eBook Can read the article.

10. Make Money By Online Surveys

online survey

A lot of us like surveys. If you are also one of them, then you Task mate, Swagbucks, Google Opinion Rewards Can use websites / apps. When you will visit these websites, then you will have to create an account first.

After creating an account, you will get to see many surveys. When you complete any survey, after that you will get money for that survey. You can transfer those money to your bank.


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