Know how to earn money from Task Mate App

By | February 19, 2021

Know how to earn money from Task Mate App

Know how to earn money from Task Mate App  If you want to earn money from Google’s company i.e. Google Task Mate App, then you read this article completely. Because in this article I am going to teach you step by step Task Mate App Se Paise

Before you make money with Task Mate App, Google What is Task Mate AppThe It is very important to know about this. Because the app with which you want to earn money, if you do not know anything about that app then you will never be able to earn money from that app. So first of all we know what is Task Mate App? After that I will tell you how you can earn money using Task Mate App.

What is Task Mate App

Task Mate is an app to conduct small surveys and Google launched it in India in 2020. If you complete any survey in this app, you will get his money and you can transfer that money to your Bank Account very easily.

How to make money with Task Mate App

To earn money from Task Mate App, you have to follow my given steps. So that you do not have to face any problems.

1. Go to the play store and type Task Mate

Go to the play store and type Task Mate

First of all you have to go to the play store of your smartphone. After that you have to type Task mate.

2. Click install

Click install

To download Task Mate App, you need Install Have to click on the button

3. Click on open

Click on open

After clicking install, two options will appear in front of you. Now you have the other option ie open Have to click on

4. Click on Get Started

Click on Get Started

After opening Task Mate, your email id will be automatically shown here. Then you have to Get Started Click on the option.

5. Choose your language

Choose your language

After clicking Get Started, you have to choose your language. In this app you will get to see English and Hindi language. if you English If it comes well then you have to click on the English language. And if you know Hindi well then you Hindi Will have to click on the option

6. Enter Invitation Code

Enter Invitation Code

If you have the Invitation Code of this app, then it Code You have to write here after that Continue Have to click on

7. See the interface of Task Mate App

See the interface of Task Mate App

When you open in this app, then options will be shown in front of you. Above which left side in Sitting tasks Option Show is happening. This means that you can also complete all these surveys by sitting at home. And above on the right side in Field tasks The option of being a show means that you have to complete all these surveys from outside the house.

8. Click on Start Earning

Click on Start Earning

Whatever you want to do, you have to click on that task i.e. that question. After that you Start Earning Have to click on

9. Reply to task

Reply to task

When you click on Start Earning, then you will have to answer that question. If you know the answer to that question then you can write the answer to that question. if not, Then you Skip You can also click on it so that in return for this question you get a new task.

10. Click on Cash Out

Click on Cash Out

You can take cash out only if at least $ 10 has been deposited in your account. Along with this $ 10 Approved You should only have these money in your Bank account in transfer Can be removed.

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Important article: It has just been launched in India in beta version. That is, this app can now be run by people in India who have it Invitation Code Will happen.


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