5 ways to know how to earn money from YouTube

By | February 19, 2021

5 ways to know how to earn money from YouTube

5 ways to know how to earn money from YouTube If you own YouTube Channel And you want to know YouTube se paise kaise kamaye Then you have come to the right place. Because I will tell you 5 ways through which you can earn a lot of money.

I am going to share with you, before making money from those things, there should be some subscribers and views on your videos in your YouTube channel. Only then you will be able to earn money from your YouTube channel.

How to earn money from YouTube – YouTube Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

You can make money on YouTube in many ways. But to make money from YouTube, you have to have an audience. In simple language, the audience means money.

Here, we now know which are those ways. Through which you can earn money from YouTube.

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsor Videos
  • Freelancing
  • Sell ​​Course

Google AdSense

All the people who work on YouTube, they all use AdSense. Because the main income source of YouTube is Google AdSense. A question must be arising in your mind?

How to apply for Google AdSense And how much will the payment be before Google Adsense?

In answer to these two questions, I give you one by one.

Let’s talk first How to apply for Google AdSense The

Let me explain you with an example. So that it becomes clear to you well. For eg I have created a YouTube channel. And I want to earn money from my YouTube channel.

Here, YouTube gives me an option to do monetization. but this monetization To enable To do this, I have to follow the terms and conditions of YouTube.

  • First of all i have 1000 subscribers It is very important to be
  • Along with Subscribers I have 4000 hrs watch Time is also very important.

If I have both these things, it means that I follow the terms and conditions of YouTube and I am eligible to monetize my YouTube channel.

To enable monetization I have to go to YouTube’s dashboard. And there me Your studio Have to click on it.

your studio

Now a lot of options will be shown in front of me. I have to click on the monetization option in the left side.

YouTube monetization

After clicking on monetization, a page was shown in front of me. It has written the same terms and conditions that I already told you. I have now 0 subscribers And 0 views Huh. That is why I am not getting any button shows here.

Channel monetization

When I have these two things. After that I will get a mail from YouTube. In which it will be written that you have become eligible to enable monetization. I have to follow the same process then.

There will be a button show below 0 subscribers and 0 public watch hours. When I click on it. I will be land later AdSense Of official website on.

After visiting the official website of AdSense, I simple Sa form will fill. And keeping this thing in kind, I have to burn everything right there. Because one person Only once Apply AdSense Can do

When my AdSense is approved, I will receive a mail from AdSense to inform Approval. Which states that your AdSense has been approved. You can now show AdSense ads in your videos.

Note: When you have AdSense approval. After that you do not watch your own videos. Because by watching your own videos, you will also get ads. Because of which your AdSense account may also be disabled.

Now it comes that What is the payment before Google Adsense? The

Before google payment $ 100 Let’s come If you have a lot of views on your videos and ads on your videos, then you can get more of it too.

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, we earn commission by selling someone else’s products. If I talk about 2020, the highest earning is done from affiliate marketing.

If you must have seen technical videos on YouTube, then you must have seen videos of Technical Guruji and sharmaji technical. When both of them review a product, then they definitely put links to that product in their description box.

If anyone buys that product from that link, then they get a commission. Now think for yourself how many views are on their videos and how many people will buy those products, you will get such links in their description box.

YouTube descriptions Links

More links Amazon.in And Flipkart.com Consists of. Because these two companies are very famous in present time in India. If you check the description box of any big YouTuber. The same similar links will be found in their description box.

But products will vary. Now let’s talk about how you Amazon And flipkart Of affiliate program join can do.

First of all, we know how to join amazon affiliate program. To join amazon’s affiliate program, you have to type in Google. amazon affiliate program After that you have to click on the first website.

YouTube amazon Affiliate program

After clicking, you will be land on the website of amazon affiliate program. in front of you signup The option of will be shown. You have to click on it.

YouTube amazon Affiliate program signup

After clicking on signup, you will get a form in front of you. You have to fill that form. Within 2 – 3 minutes your account will be ready.

Now you have to research the products in the next step. The YouTube channel related to Niche will be your YouTube channel, you will have to watch products related to the same Niche. When you like any product.

To copy the link for that product, you will see the option of Get link in the left side above the product. When you click on it, after that you will get a short link from amazon.

Amazon get link

This is what you short link To copy Have to do. After that you can take this link to your YouTube channel Of description box Will have to put in If your user buys that product from your link, then you will get a commission for that product.

You have to do the same process in flipkart. You can also generate similar links by him. If any user buys that product from the link of flipkart, then you will get commission in this also.

Sponsor Videos

When your YouTube channel starts becoming famous. After that you will start getting mail’s of big companies. Big companies will mail you only if you have added your email id in your YouTube channel.

If you want to add your email id, then you have to follow the four steps given by me.

Step 1. First of all, you have to know in your YouTube account. After that you Customize Channel Have to click on it.

add email in youtube step 1

Step 2. A page will open in front of you. You have to click on About.

add email in youtube step 2

Step 3. You will see an option in the About page email K. You have to click on it.

add email in YouTube step 3

Step 4. You now own email Id Must be added to this box. After that you Done Have to click on it.

add email in YouTube step 4

Here, your work ends at this. Because here you now automatically on this email sponsored videos for mail’s Will start coming. But the only thing you should have is the audience.


With the current freelancing, people earn millions every month. If I talk about 2020 then using YouTube, people also do the work of freelancing. But to work freelancing on YouTube, it is very important to have an audience base.

If you have an audience, then you can very easily convert your audience into a customer, How that The

Let me explain this model to you by an eg. For eg Do you have a technical channel? Where you tell your audience about blogging. Who will be your audience.

There will also be many people in that audience who will not have some knowledge of website development. If you will tell in your videos, you can hire me for website development.

Those who do not know how to build a website here, they will definitely hire you. To do this thing, you only have to give your WhatsApp number in your description box.

If anyone wants to hire you for their work, then they will definitely contact you on the same WhatsApp number. Because your audience has so much on you trust Happen.

Sell ​​Course

If you watch YouTube since 2016, then you must have noticed one thing, whoever is famous on YouTube and earns a little name, then he will get his attention in a few days. Course launch Let’s do it.

Here you can understand how much money they will earn. Along with this, they also earn money from YouTube. If you use the same strategy here, then you too can earn a lot of money.

But here you have to take care of one thing. Those who will be your audience, they should have a lot of trust in you. Only then they will buy your course.

A question may be arising in your mind here, on which course do I design my course? So I have a simple answer to this. If you are famous in YouTube, then you can leave YouTube course.

In that course, you can guide your students how famous are in YouTube. Along with this, you will get a lot of topics.

Note: Here you make the same course, whose knowledge you have.

Conclusion 5 ways to know how to earn money from YouTube

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5 ways to know how to earn money from YouTube

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