what is drdo ? – Know DRDO Full Form,

By | February 19, 2021

what is drdo

what is drdo: The strength and power of a country can be judged by the military and science power of that country. The country becomes even more secure when military power and science power build mutual support base. In our country India, DRDO is poised to strengthen this base.

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What is DRDO (What is DRDO in Hindi), what does DRDO mean, DRDO Ka Full Form, Meaning of DRDO in Hindi And get complete information about DRDO.

what is drdo

DRDO means Defense Research and Development Organization which is an Indian organization. Indian Defense Research and Development Organization has the biggest contribution in strengthening India’s Defense Power. DRDO conducts research related to India’s defense power and strengthens the country’s defense machinery. It is the face of India moving towards self-sufficiency production of world class weapon systems equipment.

DRDO was established from a small organization of 10 establishments and laboratories but currently has 51 laboratories; Which is working in the field of electronic, defense equipment etc.

The objective of DRDO is to strengthen defense services by providing India with a strong base of world class science and technology. So now let us know full form of DRDO, now know DRDO Meaning in Hindi.

DRDO Full Form

DRDO Full Form “Defense Research and Development Organization” is. DRDO in HindiDefense research and development organization

DRDO information

DRDO Ka Itihas is very old. DRDO Ki Sthapna was established in 1958 to strengthen India’s military strength and was then established as a technical division of the Indian Army and Defense Sciences.

This organization works under the Ministry of Defense. The current Chairman of DRDO is ‘Dr. IS Satish Reddy’. The headquarters of DRDO is near Delhi Rashtrapati Bhavan. The moto of DRDO is “Balasya Mool Vigyanam”. That is, “The basis of power is science.” In English it is called “Strength’s Origin is in Science”.

The organization is headed by the Scientific Advisor to the Defense Minister of the Government of India who is the Director of General Research and Development and the Secretary of the Department of Defense Research and Development.

Those wishing to work in DRDO can fulfill their dream of becoming a scientist by passing the examination of CET, CEPTAM, SET. For this, the age of the applicant should be between 18 to 28 years.

Eligibility for DRDO It is mandatory to have a Master degree in Science, Maths, Psychology with a minimum of 60% marks in Bachelor of Engineering and Technology from any recognized university / institute.

In this post we have known, History of DRDO In Hindi, DRDO Ki Sthapna Kab Hui, DRDO Kitne Saal ka Course Hai, DRDO Ka Adhyaksh Kaun Hai, DRDO Karne Ke Liye Qualification, Where is DRDO Headquarters, Information about DRDO.


DRDO continues to work in the design and development of India’s defense systems. It provides world-class Weapon Systems to water, land and air services and works in many areas of military technology. In 1960, DRDO gave India a plan to develop a number of missiles including Agni, Prithvi, Akash, Trishul and Nag missiles, which brought glory to our country’s strength.

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