Learn how to make logo in 10 steps

By | February 19, 2021

Learn how to make logo in 10 steps

how to make logo If you want to learn how to make logo Then you have come to the right place. Because I will guide you step by step here on how you can make a professional logo by yourself.

To create a Professional Logo, it is very important to have a computer and internet connection. If you have these two things, then you can make your logo very easily.

How to make logo

To make a logo, you have to follow the steps given by me.

Step 1. First of all you crello.com Have to go to the website of Along with this, you have here signup Will also have to email through.

Logo Kaise Banaye Step 1

Step 2. After signup you will interface Will get to see.

Logo Kaise Banaye Step 2

Step 3. You must type in the search box Logo After that you will get the list below. you show all templates for logo Have to click on it.

Logo Kaise Banaye Step 3

Step 4. Now these templates of many logo will be shown in front of you. You can import that logo by clicking on any logo.

Logo Kaise Banaye Step 4

Step 5. After importing the logo you will USE THIS TEMPLATE Have to click on

Logo Kaise Banaye Step 5

Step 6. After clicking on USE THIS TEMPLATE, that logo will open in front of you. In addition, you have a logo Panel Show will also be done, through which you can edit this logo.

Logo Kaise Banaye Step 6

Step 7. I did a little editing in this logo, tell me in the comment that you liked my editing or not? You can edit your logo according to your requirement.

Logo Kaise Banaye Step 7

Step 8. After complete editing, you will have to download this logo. Up to you to download Right side download The option of the show will be happening. This is what you Download Have to click on the option

Logo Kaise Banaye Step 8

Step. 9 Here you can download your logo according to your requirement. If you want a logo of high quality, then you PNG or PNG Transparent You can download the High Quality logo by clicking on it.

Logo Kaise Banaye Step 9

Step 10. I clicked on PNG TRANSPARENT and this logo is mine download Done. You can also see in the image below.

Logo Kaise Banaye Step 10

If you follow all these steps well, then you are very good Logo’s, Poster’s, Banner’s, Thumbnail, YouTube Channel Art You can make many more things.

Through Crello you can make many things. But Crello is not a free website. Rather crello.com is a premium website. Here you have to pay money first. Only then you can edit your images.

How to get Crello.com subscription for free?

On Crello.com you can subscribe for free in two ways. First of all, I will tell you what are these two things? Along with this, I will also tell you how you can run a premium version of crello, that too in free.

Q. There are two things from which angle, through which we can run the premium version of crello in free?

Ans. Referral and Earn And Promo code Through these two things you can run crello in premium version free.

Now it comes to this refer and earn And Promo code How does it work If you understand these two things, then you crello To Lifetime for free Can run in

Refer and earn

Let me explain you with an example. For eg I signed up on crello.com’s website. Now crello tells me that if you ignore a referral link of your crello account to a friend.

So, your friend referral link From signup Will do. Then you will get money in exchange for that signup. But with the money that you will get, you will only crello Of premium subscription Can take

Another question that may be arising in your mind is, whether I am willing to spend bank me transfer I can do. So the simple answer is ( Nahi). Now you must have understood that referral of crello system How does it work

Now it comes to how you can find your refer code. Refer code You have to follow the two steps given to me by Dund.

Step 1. First you have to click on your profile. After that you will open a box. In this box you Refer & Earn Have to click on it.

crello ka referral code kaise pata kare step 1

Step 2. Now the refer code of your account will be shown in front of you. You have to click on Copy Link. After that your refer code will be copied.

crello ka referral code kaise pata kare step 2

Which you will copy link to refer code. You can share this link with anyone. If someone signs up through your link, you will get 2 $ every signup on.

You must have known how to refer and earn. Now it depends on you how many signup’s you per day Can get it done. The more signup’s you can get per day, the more money will be deposited in your crello, for running a premium account.

Promo code

Promo Code is a discount code of sorts. These codes can also be in numbers, alphabets. If you will have the Promo code of crello, then you can easily run the premium version of crello in free.

Now it comes from where you can bring Promo Code? So I want to answer this in your own language Hindi. Below you will see a button Get Promo Code You have to click on it. After clicking you promo code will get.

Gift Promo Code:

how to make logo FAQs

how to make logo

You can use crello.com’s website to create a logo for free.

Crello ko free mai kaise chalayen?

To run the premium version of crello you refer and earn You can easily subscribe to the premium version using it.


If you understand well how to make logoThen you must share this with your friends. If you feel that you have any difficulty in anything, then you comment me below.

I will be very happy to reply to your comment.

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