MS Excel Shortcut Keys in Hindi PDF Download 2021

By | February 19, 2021

MS Excel Shortcut Keys in Hindi PDF Download 2021

MS Excel Shortcut Keys in Hindi PDF Download 2021 Excel helps you manipulate, manage, and analyze data. This is the best method for data preservation, calculation, data visualization with chart.

Excel 2007, 2010, 2016 have many function keys. But below is the list of main shortcut keys used in our daily work. If you want to see the list of computer keyboard shortcut, shortcuts page Go to

MS Excel Ki Shortcut Keys:

Shortcut Description
Ctrl + A To select all cells
Ctrl + B To bold text
Ctrl + C To copy
Ctrl + D To fill the cell content at the bottom
Ctrl + F Open the find box
Ctrl + G For Go To
Ctrl + H To open the Replace box
Ctrl + I To Italicize Text
Ctrl + K To insert hyperlink
Ctrl + N To create a new workbook
Ctrl + O Open workbook
Ctrl + P To print
Ctrl + R To fill the left cell content in the right
Ctrl + S To save
Ctrl + T To make a table
Ctrl + U To underline
Ctrl + V To paste
Ctrl + W To close the current workbook (Ctrl + F4)
Ctrl + X To cut
Ctrl + Y To redo
Ctrl + Z To go back one step (undo)
Ctrl + F1 Show / Hide Ribbon
Ctrl + F2 Open the print preview window
Ctrl + F3 To open Name Manager
Ctrl + F6 To move from one workbook to another
Ctrl + F9 To minimize
Ctrl + F10 To maximize
Ctrl + Arrow Keys Go from one end of the cell content to the last
Ctrl + Space Select the entire column
Shift + Space Select whole row
Ctrl + Home First to come to Cell (A1)
Ctrl + End To go to Last Cell
Ctrl ++ To add new column / row
Ctrl + – To delete column / row
Ctrl +: To enter the current time
Ctrl +; To insert today’s date

Excel Other Keyboard Shortcut

Shortcut Description
Ctrl + 0 (Zero) To hide selected column
Ctrl + 9 To Hide Selected Row
Ctrl + Shift + 0 To unhide the column
Ctrl + Shift + 9 To unhide Row
Ctrl + 1 To open the Format cells window
Ctrl + 5 Strikethrough
Ctrl + Shift ++ Insert dialog box will show
Shift + F2 Insert comment
Shift + F3 Excel formula box will open
Shift + F5 Search box
Shift + F11 Insert new worksheet
F1 Get help
F2 To edit the selected cell
F4 Repeat the last action
F7 Selected text for spelling check
F11 To create a chart of selected data
F12 Save as
Shift + Space To select whole row
Ctrl + Space To select the entire column
Alt + = Auto sum
Alt + F1 To draw a chart
Alt + F8 To display macro
Ctrl + Shift + & Add Border Outline
Ctrl + Shift + – Remove Borders
Ctrl + Shift + U Expand / Collapse formula bar

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I hope that the information I have given you about Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys here will help you to use Excel fast and it will also save your time.


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