What is an eBook and how to make an eBook Full Guide

By | February 19, 2021

What is an eBook and how to make an eBook Full Guide

What is an eBook and how to make an eBook Full Guide  Our country is also slowly going digital. And I think you might also want to do some work digitally. To work digitally, you must have some knowledge (ie Skill).

If you have any knowledge. Then you can earn a lot of money online through that knowledge.

You will find many ways online to earn money from your knowledge.

But you can also spend a lot of time to earn money in those ways. Therefore, to sell that time, you can write your knowledge in an e-book and sell it to anyone.

Before selling the eBook I will tell you that, What is an ebookThe Along with this, I will also teach you that, eBook Kaise Banaye That too with screenshots.

what is an eBook

Simple book Like e-books too. But the e-book is all we need Electronic equipment I can study.

If I talk about 2020, more people like to read the e-book. Because Simple book Like an e-book does not have to be carried.

Rather, anyone can read e-book in their Electronic equipment in download You can study anywhere and anywhere.

Benefits of ebook in hindi

In the present day eBook Simple book More people buy Because we get a lot of benefits by buying an e-book.

  • EBook One Simple book They are very cheap.
  • E-book does not have to be carried. Rather, we can put the e-book in any of our Electronic equipment in download You can study anywhere and anywhere.
  • The biggest advantage of an e-book is that, if anyone studies with an e-book, then they remember it for a long time.

How to create an eBook

To create an e-book, you have a computer And in that laptop install done Ms-word Should be When you have these two things, only then you can make your e-book.

Which I will now tell you the steps, if you follow these steps. Then you can make your professional eBook very easily.

1. Open microsoft word

ebook kaise banaye step 1

To open Microsoft Word, you have to computer Let’s write in the search bar (Word). After that in front of you Microsoft word Of The icon will be shown. This is what you The icon On Click Have to do.

2. See the interface of Microsoft word

ebook kaise banaye step 2

When you open microsoft word. After that you The interface Will get to see. In this microsoft word, you will also get to see a panel. this panel Through your e-book editing can do.

3. Add your e-book cover

ebook kaise banaye step 3

Before writing an e-book, you need to cover Will have to make. After that you get that cover copy & paste To be added to Ms-Word.

4. Add Table of Contents

ebook kaise banaye step 4

After adding the cover you Table of contents would write. In this table of contents you will find Topics Will have to write about For which you are writing this e-book.

5. Write your content

ebook kaise banaye step 5

All the Topics you have written in tables of contents. All those Topics You one by one and images Will have to write with For example you can see in the image above.

6. Click on File

ebook kaise banaye step 6

When you write your e-book completely. After that you will have to save this e-book in PDF. PDF in save Up to you Left file Of option You must be looking at Click Have to do.

7. Click on save as

ebook kaise banaye step 7

After clicking on the file, such a page will be shown in front of you. In this page you will also find many options. Of all these options, you only have Save as On Click Have to do.

8. Click Browse

ebook kaise banaye step 8

After clicking on Save as, you will open another page in this page. In this page you browse On Click Have to do.

9. Click on Save as type

ebook kaise banaye step 9

After clicking Browse you will see a popup. this Popup I can see two things, one file name And another Save as type – First you have to give the name of your e-book. After that you Save as type On Click Have to do.

10. Click on pdf

ebook kaise banaye step 10

After clicking on Save as type, a list will be shown in front of you. From this list you only need PDF On Click Have to do.

11. Click on Save

ebook kaise banaye step 11

Now you save Have to click on After that your e-book computer in save It will be done.

After creating an e-book, the point is, how to sell this e-book? You must have an audience to sell an e-book. If you have an audience, then you can share this e-book with them.

But here it comes, those people who do not have their own audience. If you are also among those people, then you read these points carefully.

  • If you have some money to invest. Then with those money you can make a landing page of your e-book.
  • After creating a landing page, you have to run an advertisement for your e-book. After that you will start getting sales by yourself.

Which I have told these two points. If you follow these two points. Then you can create your own audience. To create your own audience, you need to add an email box to your landing page.

When people’s email’s will be deposited with you. Then you can convert these email’s into audience. Through this audience, you can promote your product for free. It happens Power landing page K.

Apart from the Landing page, another way to sell an e-book is Direct Selling. But in direct selling, you will also find disadvantages.

Here I am talking about direct selling.

  • In direct selling, you landing page Will not have to make.
  • In direct selling you email capture There will be no option to do it.
  • All you need to do is direct selling advertising On invest Have to do.

You see the difference yourself landing page And direct selling What a difference there is.

If you have a very low budget, then you have to start from direct selling. So that when you have some money. Only then you make your landing page.

Now you must know everything about the e-book. Now it comes to how to earn money from an e-book. So I have simple answers to this big sentence too.

To make money with eBook, you need ebook se paise kaise kamaye You will have to read the article. In this article – I have told about direct selling, that too with screenshots.

Conclusion What is an eBook and how to make an eBook Full Guide

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