Ball Pen Making Business How to start a pen pen making business

By | February 19, 2021

Ball Pen Making Business 

Ball Pen Making Business  Pen Making Business is a fairly low cost business. Pen is one of the things used all the time, it is needed everywhere in schools, colleges, coaching institutes, offices, shops and homes. Every educated person needs it to write, hence the demand for it remains equal in the market, especially for children’s pens. Because its ink dries quickly so that the pages do not deteriorate, that’s why people like this pen more.

In view of the demand for ball pens in the market, in today’s post, I will give you ball pen making business I will tell about so that you too can start this business and earn a lot of profit.

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What is a ball pen? (What is Ball Pen?)

The Bal Pen is a pen that works like an ink pen but works much better and faster than an ink pen. Its ink dries quickly, before it was discovered, people used to write with ink in compulsion, which had to be filled with ink repeatedly, and sometimes the words written with ink used to deteriorate when the hands or water were hit and the whole The emerald used to deteriorate, but does not happen when writing with a hair pen because its ink dries immediately.

How is the market demand for pens?

The human population is increasing day by day. School colleges are opening everywhere – everybody wants to get their children better education, for which they are getting their children admission in schools and colleges. Students also need a pen with a copy book to read and write because studying without a pen will be incomplete. There is a strict need for writing pens which we buy from stationery shops. Thus the demand for pens is expected to continue in the coming days. Especially the ball pen USE AND THROW PEN It is also said, that is, use and throw. There are many companies engaged in this line, yet if you put in high quality ball pen market, then it is very likely that your business will definitely run.

Where to start

Ball Pen Manufacturing is a domestic industry. If you do not have room or land available in the market, then you can start it from your home too, just your marketing is good so that there is no problem in selling goods. To start this industry, you should have at least 100 to 150 square feet of space in which the machine can be installed and a raw material store room and a small office can be provided provided there is an electrical connection and traffic to your home. Have the convenience of traffic.

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Ball Pen Making Raw Material required for making pens

To start the ball pen making business, the following materials are required-

  • Barrel- It is a thin pipe-like container made of plastic in which the ink is filled.
  • Adapter- This is also the bottom of the pen made of plastic, in which the tip or nib is placed.
  • Tip- This is the lowest part of the pen that is in contact with the copy while writing on the copy, which causes writing.
  • Cap- This is the topmost part of the pen which acts to cover the tip so that the tip does not deteriorate when falling.
  • Ink – This is the main raw mall of pens, due to which the pen runs.

Will there be any license?

To start this business you must first GST registration In today’s time, the Government of India has made it mandatory to start any business. After this, if you want to sell your product under your brand name, then you have to choose a good name and register its trademark brand, after which you can run your business easily.

Ball Pen Making Machine

pen making business
pen making machine

To produce the ball pen making business at the industrial level, you will have to buy the following machines-

  • punching machine- With the help of this machine the barrel is set with an adapter.
  • Ink Filling Machine – This machine is used to fill ink in the pen.
  • Tip Fixing Machine – The tip is fitted to the pen with the help of this machine.
  • Centrifuging machine With the help of this machine, the excess air filled in the pen is removed.

Price of all these machines you can visit indiamart website But you can also buy machines by checking.

How much cast will come? (Pen Manufacturing Plant Cost)

Capital is required to start any business, no business can be imagined without investing capital. In some, small capital is needed in some and in some. Similarly, to start the ball pen making business, at least one to one and a half lakh rupees will be required, in which all your necessary machines and initial raw materials can come. After this, as the selling of your product increases, you can enlarge the Ball Pen Business Plan by applying more capital.

Ball Pen Manufacturing Process

use and throw pen The process of manufacturing process is very easy-

  1. First of all, the barrels are placed in the punching machine. Adapters are already installed in this machine. Punch the barrel and adapter properly at the right place, setting the adapter in the barrel.
  2. Once the adapter is set, the barrel undergoes ink filling. Ink filling machine is used to fill ink. This machine is already filled with ink, which has to be filled in an equal amount in the barrel. While filling the ink, care should be taken that the ink should be filled according to the size of the barrel. Filling more ink causes fear of overflow, which degrades the quality of the pen.
  3. After this, by placing the hand on the upper hole of the barrel, it is placed in a tip fixing machine, with the help of this machine, the tip is placed in the ink filled barrel, after this process, the barrel is now converted into a pen.
  4. In the next step, these pens are put into a centrifuging machine, which removes the excess air inside and the pens are fully ready for sale.

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The packaging

Fully prepared ball pens now have to be packed in packets. If you want these pens at the beginning of your business, you can use polythene packets instead of office cartons. Single pens can be placed in these polythene or packing a set of 5 pens, otherwise you can also packing a dozen pens.

You can increase your selling by taking care of some special things related to packing like-

  1. If you want to sell your hair pens a lot, you can pack ‘two in one’, that is, you can give one to one free for a few days.
  2. Packed as a small diary gift with a bundle of a dozen pens.
pen making business
pen making business


The success of any business depends on how much your product is sold, the higher the sales, the higher the profit, for this, you should go to your nearby market and meet and talk to small stationery shopkeepers. Give them higher profits than other companies. They will give more priority to your goods, which will increase your sales and make you profitable. Provided you do not bring down the quality of your product, in addition, you can increase the sales of your product by going to all the big and small school colleges around you and placing a ‘Special Sale Offer’.

Ball Pen Business Profit

Earnings in any business depends on how much the product you sell is sold, the higher your sales, the higher your income will be. As far as profit margins are concerned in this business, a pen is sold at twice the cost of making a ball pen, thus there are many chances of earning in this business, just the quality of your pen should be correct.

The conclusion

Friends ball pen making business It is not a big deal to start, in today’s time, many people are making a lot of money by starting a lot of business, often people do not have the right information. how to make ball pen, how to start a pen making company, pen making business project cost, or profit in ball pen making business As we continue to find answers to the question. So in this post all the information related to this business has been given so that you can get your problem resolved at one place.

Friends, in the end, I want to say that if you have the desire to do something and have patience and are loyal to your work, then you can definitely succeed, just start, because a huge banyan tree is initially a small plant. Which later grew gradually to become a banyan.

I hope that you have got all the information in this post, if you want to ask us something, then you can ask us to comment and share it to your friends and relatives as well. will keep bringing ideas thanks.

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