Chalk Manufacturing Business Idea

By | February 19, 2021

Chalk Manufacturing Business Idea

Chalk Manufacturing Business Idea Chalk is a form of limestone made from mineral calcite. The chalk manufacturing business has been in place since the 19th century, at that time it was not so popular. As the level of education has increased, so has its demand. The biggest reason for this increasing demand is that it is available at a very low cost, and if chalk is not available in any school, it becomes very difficult to teach children, so chalk is needed in every school and coaching institutes.

So in this post today I will give you chalk manufacturing business I will give complete information about it so that by reading it, you too can start your business easily in low investment.

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What is chalk? (What is blackboard chalk?)

chalk is a stationery product made from plaster of paris as an alternative to the pen we use to write on the blackboard. You may have seen from small schools and coaching institutes to large colleges and universities. Blackboard is used to teach students, on which chalk is written, it is common to use chalk in every educational institution.

Future market

The future market of the chalk manufacturing business is very good because as the human population is increasing, schools and colleges and coaching institutes are opening in different places which use blackboard to teach children and these blackboards can be written only with chalk. Because once written with chalk it can be erased with the help of duster whereas after writing with a pen it cannot be erased, hence the demand for chalk is bound to increase day by day.

Where to plant plant?

It would be more appropriate to set up a chalk making factory in an area where more and more schools, colleges, university campuses are open because these are the areas where demand for chalk is very high. Students come from all corners of the country to study in these areas and to teach them, teachers need to write with chalk on the blackboard which they buy from local stationery shops.

So if you plant your plant in the same area and you keep your rate lower than other chalk making companies, it will be better because you will have to pay less transportation charge to deliver the goods. Your cost will come down and your selling will be tremendous. Apart from this, there should be a facility of traffic movement and power supply to your plant, at least 250 to 300 square feet of space will be sufficient to start this industry.

chalk manufacturing business
chalk manufacturing business in india

What is made of? (Blackboard Chalk Making Raw Materials)

Chalk is mainly made from Plaster of Paris (POP) which is a kind of white colored powder produced from gypsum ie limestone. The main raw materials for making chalk are:

  • Plaster of Paris (POP) – It is the main raw material of this business, this makes chalk from it.
  • Kerosene and peanut oil- It is put in a small amount as a lubricant in the mold so that the chalk does not stick to the mold.
  • White Cement- It is added to make the chalk white.
  • color- If you want a colorful chalk, you can add desired color to it.
  • water- Water is used to make mixtures.

Chalk Making Machine

No special machine is required to set up the chalk manufacturing business. It can only be made from raw materials and molds, but some machines are required for production at industrial level which are as follows –

  • Mixer Machine All raw materials are mixed well with this machine.
  • chalk frame or mold- Chalk is molded in these molds.
  • Dryer- If sunlight is not available, the chalk is dried with the help of a dryer.
  • Hand gloves They are used in hands so that POP does not stick in hands because it is caustic.
  • Scraper It is run over the mold so that all the chalk is made of one size.
  • A big pot A large pot is required to keep the mixture.

You can use these machines on IndiaMart’s website You can also buy online from

Blackboard Chalk Making Machine Price

Although chalk manufacturing business can be started manually from Rs 50000 only, you have to buy raw materials, some utensils and molds, but for more production at industrial level, you have to buy some machines for which you have at least one to one and a half lakh rupees It is very important to have capital in which all the necessary machines and initial raw materials can be purchased. If your business runs properly, you can make your business bigger by increasing your production by purchasing more raw materials by adding more capital.

License for Chalk Making Business

To start this business, you must first get GST registration, which is made mandatory by the Government of India to start any business in today’s time, after this, if you want to sell your product under your brand name, then you After registering the trademark brand, you can easily run your business.

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How to make chalk?

Chalk manufacturing business does not require any special machine for making chalk, it can be made only from the molds, but for mass production at the industrial level, it is being made with the help of machines, for this you have to know the chalk making formula. It is very important that it is made in the following step-

  1. Mixing Plaster of Paris (POP) and white cement and water mix well, if you want a colorful chalk, you can add the desired color as well.
  2. Using Mold Lubricants In this process, kerosene and peanut oil are used 4: 1 in the mold so that the chalk does not stick to the mold.
  3. Mold- Now put the prepared mixture in the mold and leave it to settle for 15-20 minutes, however, while taking the solution, it is taken care that the mold is filled completely or else the chalk will become hollow which will break later goes.
  4. Remove chalk from mold After the chalk freezes, take it out of the mold and collect it in a big vessel.
  5. Incense- Now these chalks are dried in good sunlight for one day so that they do not break quickly.
  6. Now this chalk is fully ready for packing.

Friends, I think people who have Chalk kaise banta hai ?, slate chalk kaise banti hai ?, chauk kaise banate hain? As if there have been questions etc., they must have come to know how the blackboard chalk is made.

chalk manufacturing business
chalk banane ka business

The packing

Since chalk is a substance that can break when it falls, and no one wants to take broken chalk that will damage you, so its packaging is done in office paper bags inside which it is safe. Each dozen chalk cartons are packed and packed in large cardboard boxes and sent out for sale.


How much quantity of a product you are manufacturing is not going to affect your income from this factory, but on how large a scale you are selling the product, it matters that the more your product will be sold, the more your business. The earnings will increase, so you should find ways to sell your product more and more. You can increase your sales by going to every market near and far and making contact with the stationery shops open in front of the school college and wholesale them at wholesale rates. If you want to strengthen your grip in the market then you have to adopt some marketing tips.

Profit in chalk business

There is a lot of profit in this business. It does not cost much to make such a cooker, just a lot of hard work is required. One kilogram of plaster of Paris produces about 500 chalk whereas one kilo in POP market is about Rs 10 to 12 per kg Is found according to In this way the profit margin in chalk manufacturing business is from 50 to 60 percent. It would not be an exaggeration to say that if you go for maximum sales then you can earn lakhs of rupees a month.

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The conclusion

I hope and believe that you chalk manufacturing business The idea of ​​starting a business must have been tremendous and helpful if you have benefited a little from this post, then please do comment by commenting and do not forget to share more and more to your friends, we get a lot of inspiration from the response you get. Keep bringing you new business ideas, thanks.

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