What is Cache Memory ?

By | February 19, 2021

What is Cache Memory

But what is the use of this Cache memory and why it is used, in this post we will try to understand.

What is Cache Memory?

Cache memory is very fast memory, which RAM And acts as a buffer between CPUs. It stores recent instructions, data and instructions, so that the CPU can use it immediately if needed. Cache memory is used to reduce data access time from main memory.

Cache memory is sometimes called CPU memory, as it is usually integrated directly into the CPU chip or placed on a separate chip. Which has a separate bus interconnect with the CPU. It is quickly accessible to the processor due to its proximity to the physical processor and is capable of increasing efficiency.

Cache memory diagram

CPU speed is high, but RAM is low. Hence the speed of data exchange between CPU and RAM decreases. Due to the high speed of Cache memory, it can provide data at a much faster speed to the CPU. This reduces the computer’s access time and the computer can do its work at a faster speed.

Types of Cache Memory

Cache memory is classified as “Levels”, indicating its proximity to and access to the microprocessor. There are mainly three cache levels:

L1 cache

Level 1 cache is also called Primary cache. It is always located on the processor. It is very fast, but relatively small. The CPU prioritizes the L1 cache for data when completing a certain task.

L2 cache

The capacity of Level 2 or Secondary cache is more than L1 cache. After searching the data in the primary cache, if it is not found, then the L2 cache is searched by the processor.

L3 cache

Level 3 is a special memory to improve the performance of L1 and L2. The L3 is generally slower than the L1 and L2, but twice the DRAM speed. L3 cache is very large, which means that it can store data for all cores at once.

What is the size of cache memory?

There are three types of memory, in which the size of L1 is between 8KB to 64KB, the size of L2 is between 256KB to 512KB and the size of L3 is between 1MB to 8MB.

How fast is cache memory?

Cache memory is 10 to 100 times faster than RAM. It takes only a few nanoseconds time to respond to the CPU request.

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What is Cache Memory

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