Artificial jewellery business / how to start Artificial jewellery business

By | February 19, 2021

Artificial jewellery business / how to start Artificial jewellery business

Artificial jewellery business Artificial jewellery business is very popular among women today. Every woman wants to be very well groomed, this is the first choice of every woman. Woman’s form is given more importance and jewelery adds four moons to her. Make up as if it is their birthright, talk about the makeup of women and if the name of the jewelery does not come, then it will be incomplete. Today we will talk about jewelery. Everyone is fond of wearing gold, silver, diamonds, pearl ornaments, but due to being expensive, the wishes of women of middle and lower class families remain unfulfilled. To fulfill their wishes, there is a long range of artificial jewelery in the markets, which remain exactly like gold and silver, but are available at very cheap prices compared to them.

In today’s time, the demand for artificial jewelry is more than gold silver jewelery because gold silver jewelery is very expensive, so not everyone can afford it and it is very risky to wear them to any big event party. On the other hand, artificial jewelery is very cheap compared to these and there is no risk in wearing them anywhere.

Friends, in this post of today I will give you artificial jewellery I will tell you about starting the business of making, by reading which you can also start Artificial jewellery business and earn a lot of profit.

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What is Artificial Jewelry? (What is Artificial Jewellery Business in Hindi?)

Artificial jewelry is a type of gold silver jewelry for women to wear, which is made of metals like nickel, lead copper, cadmium and brass etc. at a cheaper rate than gold silver. These jewelry are comparatively very cheap. But they give the same look, at first sight, the viewer says that they are real jewels, they have bought so much.

Artificial jewellery business in India

The demand for artificial jewellery is going to increase day by day as the population is increasing and the population of women wearing it is also increasing. Not all women are able to wear gold and silver jewelry, their financial condition is not so good that they can buy gold and silver jewelry, in such a situation, they will want to fulfill their desire by wearing only artificial jewelry. Hence the demand for these artificial ornaments will never decrease. Apart from this, there is no risk in wearing these ornaments, that is, there is no mental stress of being snatched or lost, so women of big houses have started using these ornaments. Due to the rising prices of gold and silver, there is still a huge potential for artificial jewelery business to achieve even higher heights. The main reason for the development of artificial jewelery industry is their cheap and beautiful design.

Artificial jewellery making materials

To start an artificial jewellery business at the industrial level, the following things are needed-

  • Aluminum metal
  • Brass (Brass)
  • stone
  • Terracotta (clay)
  • Woolen yarn
  • Kundan
  • Fabric glue
  • Beads
  • Pearl

How to start artificial jewelery business

To start an artificial jewellery business, it is very important to have knowledge about it first. For Artificial jewellery making, you can either take training from an institute or experience a few days work in an workshop of artificial jewelery. Only then you start your business, it will be better and you can also do a small survey in the jewelry shops of the markets around you, so that you will get a little idea about this business.

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There is not much space required to start the artificial jewelry manufacturing business, it can be started from a small room, but shop location matters a lot. You should start this business in a place where there is more congestion. Especially in front of a crowd of women such as Cosmetic Shop Gallery, Garments Gallery, Fashion Houses, Beauty Parlor Center etc. or Women’s Degree College, etc., your products will be highly sold.

Artificial jewellery making machine

To start an artificial jewellery business, the following tools are required-

  • imitation jewellery casting machine
  • rubber mold
  • hammer
  • pliers
  • needle
  • file tool
  • scissors
  • hand gloves
  • spoons
  • stove with LPG

Total cost capital

To start a business of jewelry business ideas in Hindi, you should have at least one to one and a half lakh rupees. It does not require any big machine. Human labor (manpower) is more important in this, it will require more labor, if you want to produce more, then you start production with a little raw material in the beginning and you can increase your production when you get a response.

Artificial Jewelery Business
Artificial Jewelery Making Raw Materials

Artificial jewellery making process

These ornaments are prepared very carefully with the help of various tools and small machines. First the raw material is prepared by mixing it and then it is molded into molds of different sizes. Finishing of these ornaments is done after casting, after which the color is polished on them. Artificial jewelry is prepared after going through all these processes.

The packing

Transparent polythene cans are used for packing these ornaments, from which these ornaments can be seen from above, packing in these compartments is done by counting the jewelery as they are sold per unit. To send bulk goods, they are packed in large boxes and sent.

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To start this business, you must first get GST registration, which has been made mandatory by the Government of India to start any business in today’s time. After this, if you want to sell your product under your brand name, then you have to register the trademark brand, after that you can easily run your business.


How much quantity of a product you are manufacturing is not going to affect your income from this factory, but on how large a scale you are selling the product, it matters that the more your product will be sold, the higher your business. Earnings will increase. So, you should find ways to sell your product as much as possible. You can increase your sales by going to all the markets near and far and contacting jewelery and cosmetic shops and giving them your goods at wholesale rate.

To increase the sales of your products Amazon And Flipkart But you can create your account, after this, you can list all the types of jewelry you have and you can sell Imitation Artificial jewellery online by doing so you can get a very good profit.

Some special things related to artificial jewellery-

  1. In this business, you always have to keep in mind that the jewelry you make should be absolutely unique.
  2. From time to time, you can also make jewelry designed by the actresses of recent released latest movies. You can name these jewels after that movie, these are hot selling items, their demand is very high in the market.
  3. Always try to ensure that the golden or silver colors polished on these ornaments do not come off quickly, that is, the polish should be of good quality.
  4. Your effort should be that the women of different communities should be prepared for their favorite ornaments.
  5. The look of these jewelery should be very attractive so that women will immediately like it.

Artificial jewellery business profit

Earning in artificial jewelery business is very high, just the design of the jewelery should be beautiful and attractive so that it will be liked by the customer whose price you get. The profit margin in this business is almost double because it has been seen that women buy artifical jewelry very easily even at a cost of more than twice the cost, they should like the jewelry you make.

The conclusion

I hope and believe that you artificial jewellery business The idea of ​​getting started must have been tremendous and helpful if you have benefited a little from this post, then please comment by telling us and do not forget to share your friends as much as possible, the response you get gives us a lot of inspiration from which your Thanks for bringing new business ideas.

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